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Hi there! My name is Angela Guthrie, and I am an experienced graphic designer and photographer based in glamorous West Texas.
Angela Guthrie, Lubbock, Photographer, Photography, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Designer
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About Me

Angela Guthrie Design and Photography

Hi there! My name is Angela Guthrie. I am a sassy, creative soul completely obsessed with photography and graphic design. 

I fell in love with both photography and design in high school while taking yearbook. During that course, I found that documenting people expressing real emotion in real life situations was, and still is, so important to me. I’ve continued to do this by making a career out of creating engaging visual art and photographs. It’s been my passion and creative love for years.

As a mother of two, a wife, and full-time working creative professional, I know that life is wonderfully chaotic. Recording these fleeting moments is something that I want for everyone. Having the ability to look back on these phases of life after they are long gone is a priceless experience.

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Other really important stuff you should know about me:
• I love baking. A lot. Cooking is all well and good, but baking really gets me going.
• I am a bookworm. One of my favorite authors: Dean Koontz. However, my favorite book is Jonathan Santlofer’s The Death Artist.
• I have a super-duper eclectic taste in music, but I can pretty much guarantee that if it has a cello in it I’m going to like it.
• I am obsessed with all things glitter. WANT.
• I get passionate about other people’s passions. Helping people achieve their dreams makes my heart SO happy.


The Angela Guthrie Experience

I aspire to ensure you get photos that you LOVE. Capturing your unique energy and style (and having a good time while doing it) is so important to me. My photoshoots tend to be full of lots of laughter and fun – ending the day with new friends makes me so darn happy. From families and pets to food and landscapes, photography is a true passion of mine. Yet, I know that being a photographer doesn’t just mean taking beautiful photos. Post-production is another of the many components required in the process, and I’ve spent hours upon hours finessing my technique to ensure that you get images that you adore.

From concept to completion, I’m committed to finding just the right design solution to solve any challenge that presents itself.  Though there are many aspects that go into a successful design – typography, composition, message, imagery and more – I have years of experience with these and continue to build upon my skill set every single day.

With over a decade of experience in the fast-paced world of advertising design, my knowledge of directing and execution over a wide client base has become quite versatile. As a creative problem-solver, I am always on the lookout for new challenges and would love to work with you. Have questions? Hit me up!